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About Mile Five Studios

We're Mile Five.

Mile Five is a consultancy firm in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. We provide custom automated solutions that can help launch your business to the next level. With over 15 years of experience, Mile Five provides scalable, professional solutions for any variety of organization from start-up to enterprise.


Years in business, providing exceptional quality and service.

We're obsessed with digital.

When Mile Five started, a common pain point in all businesses, regardless of their industry was that they were struggling to maintain a manual process. As we continued to evolve over the years, our focus transitioned to pure technical consultancy to developing software to help digitize manual processes all over the globe.

We’re experts in removing the manual process in many industries. Short of developing mechanical solutions, we’re able to provide solutions to help launch your organization into the digital world by increasing accuracy and removing the aspect of human error. 

We're Based in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada (and 100% remote!)

We’re proud to call Windsor-Essex our home. Our vast diversity means there are a variety of businesses and industries that have specific niches. Windsor-Essex has a thriving businesses-centric economy and we’re grateful to be able to provide services locally.

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