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"We now have a top-notch IT team without the overhead..."

IT Services Without Overhead.

Remote IT departments in an online world help take the need for focus on the day-to-day and allow experts to provide servies based specifically around your business need. Let Mile Five handle the day-to-day IT needs of your business.

Online HelpDesk for your business.

We'll help reduce your technical footprint by providing online helpdesk services to your team with services such as password resets, account management, system set-ups, licensing and more.

Quality Storage of IT Equipment for Onboarding & Offboarding

Need a place to store laptops and cell devices in a remote-first environment? We've got you covered. With remote deployment and retrieval, we'll make onboarding and offboarding employees a walk-in-the-park with our managed off-site equipment inventory.

Run your business without IT Overhead.

Let us help train, recommend and implement best practices to keep your business secure in a digital world.

We'll handle the specifics around your IT needs without the need to hire and manage your own IT staff. We'll handle the IT day-to-day remotely while letting you focus on what's important. Get a free quote
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